Tips for Moving with Pets

Moving is stressful and burdensome for people. It is also a very anxious experience for your pets. Pets may get stressed out during the move and also when integrating to the new environment. Here are a few tips to make the moving experience better for your precious companions.

Avoid Hurried Packing

This tip will make the move easier for both you and your pets. Many people tend to wait until the final minute to start packing up their belongings.

Packing will usually take longer than expected. You have to sort your items and decide what to pack and also what to throw away.

When you are in a rush, the pets will notice your anxiety and become anxious. Also, pets like things staying relatively the same. So, tearing up and packing your home at once may upset them.

Consult Your Vet

Inform your vet of the upcoming move to get help in preparing your pet. You may have some pending vaccinations or prescriptions. Your vet can even prescribe medication to assist with anxiety.

If you’re moving to a new city, you may need recommendations on new vets in the area. The vet will also give you more tips on making the move smoother for your pet.

Update Your Pet Identification

Besides having well-fitting collars, make sure you update the pet’s ID information. Cats and dogs are likely to get lost in new neighbourhoods. You need to ensure that they are easily identifiable and that someone can reach you easily.

Create a Travel Supply Kit

You should also plan for how your pet will handle the actual movement. Set aside some food, toys and other relevant things you can quickly access. The travel supply kit will help you avoid dig through all the boxes just to feed the pets.

Prepare the New Home

The easiest way to prepare the new home is while it is empty. Preparation involves repairing any gaps or holes the pets can get through. Doing a security and safety check makes you comfortable about letting your pets loose.

Your pets may either be anxious or hyperactive about the new home. Make the transition better by ensuring they have all their familiar amenities, like bed, water, food and toys. The plan is to make the integration as comfortable as possible.

Keep Your Pet Away on the Moving Day

Pets should not be at home when the removal experts start removing the furniture and boxes. Find a neighbour or friend to pet-sit during that noisy time. There are pet-care centres where you can take your pets away from the commotion of removals.

Plan to visit the pets to reassure them that everything is okay. Keeping them locked away inside one of the rooms may make them anxious due to all the people and noise. If you opt to lock them away, ensure you find the quietest room and place a door sign.


Careful planning will avoid or minimise moving problems with pets. These tips shown above should help you to seamlessly move with your pet. If you’re moving with pets visit our home page,