Packing Guide

Local Removal Packing Guide

Here in our Local Removal Packing Guide you find all the information you need to help you packing to your Gold Coast move

To pack or not to pack?

Any item that will actually fit into a box should be packed into a box. This will make it easier to transport and stack into the removal van. It will also give your items the best protection, reducing the risk of damage.

Select the right carton for the job

Big Box: Ideal for glassware, crockery, clothes and bulky items

Small Box: Ideal for books, bottles and small heavy items

How to tape the box

· Start tape 5cm on the side of the box from where the flaps fold, continue across where the flaps meet in the middle and finish 5cm along the other side of the box

· Cross tape the bottom of the box for extra strength

· Make sure top of box is taped shut so it is suitable to stack other boxes on top of it

How to pack crockery and glassware

· Place a good layer of screwed up butchers paper across the bottom of the box and up the sides of the box as high as the first row of items

· Individually wrap items in butcher’s paper and place in box to form the first row

· On top of this layer of wrapped items, place another layer of screwed up butchers paper and up the sides of the box

· Continue layering the items wrapped in butcher’s paper between layers of crushed butcher’s paper, working up from the heavier items at the bottom, to the lighter, finer items on the top

· Rule of thumb: one carton should have two-thirds china, one third padding.

· Plates are strongest when they are placed on their side, not laid flat

· Cups & Glasses are strongest when they are placed on their end, upside down

How to pack books, tapes and CDs

· Books & CD’s can usually be paced into small boxes without the need for extra padding

· Make sure that if you place heavy items into a big box that it is mixed with lighter items so you can still lift the box

How to pack electrical appliances

· Always pack electrical items into their original box if you still have it

· Place all items that will fit into a removal box, even if the item is also in its original box

· Wrap items with butchers paper to avoid them being scratched by other items in the box

How to label boxes

· Label each carton with your name, what room it is for and a brief description of its’ contents so you know where to put the carton when you get to your new house

· Write these details on the tape so you can use your cartons over and over again

How to prepare items with keys or cords

· Tape cords to their appliances

· Keys should always be taped to the items to which they belong

How to pack your survival kit

· Passports, birth certificates, prescription medicine and other essential items should be packed into the one box so it can be accessed quickly & easily

· If possible, transport this box with you in your car so that you know where it is at all times

· It is also good to have a quick start box that has essentials to make you comfortable in your new home straight away. These items include a kettle, toaster, telephone, coffee, plates & cups, snacks and the TV remote control.


Please note: If packing is done right it will save you time and money


The more items packed into a carton, the easier & quicker the removal will be. The removal will be even faster if the cartons have the appropriate amount of heavy & light items in them so they can be easily carried. If you pack your cartons properly it will also reduce the risk of damage to your items.