1. Hourly Rate: Always get an hourly rate when moving locally. When quoted a fixed price by a Local Removalist, they are quoting on the worst case scenario so they don’t lose money!
  1. Free Inspections: When a moving company comes out to your home to quote, remember this, they have to allow for the cost of them coming to your place. If they win the job from you, you are not only paying this cost but also part of the cost of other inspected quotes that did not book with that moving company. There is no such thing as a free inspection!
  1. Truck Size: Always make sure that your removalists’s truck is big enough to fit all of your furniture in one trip. Many small operators rely on having to make 2 trips to make more money. All of a sudden that cheap hourly rate they quoted you isn’t so cheap!
  1. Packing: Pack everything that will actually fit into a removal carton. By doing this, your removalists will be able to load the truck faster and there is much less chance your goods will get damaged.
  1. Organising: If possible, group all of your boxes and easy to carry items in one spot out of the way, but within easy access to your front door. This is particularly
    time saving if you have items upstairs or a long distance from the entrance of your house.
  1. Self Move: If you feel up to it, always assist your removalists with lighter items that you know you can safely lift. Those time consuming trips from the house to the truck can really add up in time and therefore money!
  1. Disassembling: Disassemble all beds & furniture that need doing before your movers arrive. This can easily be one of the most time consuming activities for removalists.
  1. Self Storage Facilities vs. Managed Storage Facilities: Self-storage is a great option if you require regular access to your furniture. Managed Storage is an even better option if you don’t require regular access to your furniture as it is usually more cost effective. The reason for this is that instead of paying for a whole storage shed you may not use all of, Managed Storage allows you to only pay for the m3 volume you actually need to store.
  1. Quotes: It is not uncommon to be underquoted for  local removal only to be hit with extra charges on the day of the move because the volume of furniture is larger than first thought. To avoid this, an inventory must be done in writing and needs to be as accurate as possible. If an estimate on volume is out by as little as 7 large removal cartons this can make a difference of $100-$200. The quote should always state the volume of furniture (cubic meters or m3) to make a true representation of the quote being offered.
  1. Removal Cartons: Always use professional removal cartons for your removal. This will allow your movers to pack the truck a lot more securely and give greater protection to your valuables. It also allows your removalists to pack the truck faster therefore saving you money on your removal.


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