Moving Hacks to Make Your Big Day a Breeze

Moving is a huge household task that consumes both effort and time. From planning to the actual moving day, it is quite tiring. The following is a collection of the best moving hacks to help take the pressure off your move.

Create a Moving Plan

It is essential that you are well organized when moving. The most effective way to do this is by creating a plan. Also, notify your friends to help you pack while you arrange for expert removal.

The plan should cover all areas of the relocation. That includes details on the moving date, what items to pack and others. You should also figure out the transport plan about how you’ll move into your new home.

Set Aside One “Priority Box”

Create a priority box that contains the essential items that you’ll need during the first day in the new home. The priority box should be easily identifiable from the rest of the boxes. It should contain various things like non-perishable food, laptop, chargers, one pair of clothes and other critical items.

Colour Code your Boxes

An easy tip to make your boxes more readily identifiable is to use color codes. Most office supply and stationery stores sell these colored dots that make packaging easier. You can match the boxes with colors based on the contents or the room colors.

Take Pictures of Electronic Setups

Photograph the cords and plugs in computers, TV sets and electronics. That way you can safely dismantle them for the move. Later, you can use the photos as reference when putting them back together.

Also, use Ziploc bags to store the small screws of anything that you take apart. Tape the bags onto the electronics or furniture for easy assembly.

Cloth Packing Hacks

Pack your hanging clothes in portable wardrobe boxes to avoid creasing them. Also, you can pack some of your fragile items along with clothes for extra protection. For instance, socks can help protect fragile items like mugs and glasses. You can wrap your t-shirts around breakable pieces and larger crockery.

Glad Wrap Hacks

A glad wrap is a versatile tool when it comes to moving. You can use it as a sealer to stop leakages and breakages. That involves covering the opening of cans using glad wrap before putting the tops on.

The other unique way of using glad wrap is for wrapping furnishings. It helps with furniture that features doors or drawers because it ensures they stay shut. It also offers you even more space for storing your items.

Defrost Your Fridge

Take out all the food from your fridge before defrosting. That will assist in quickening the process without water logging your food. It is advisable to defrost at least one day before the move.

Get Expert Help

The most effective way to make your moving day go smoothly is to get professional help. A mover will plan the move and safely transport your property.


Find sitters for your small kids and pets. It will make the process a lot easier on everyone involved.

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