10 Tips For Moving Large Furniture Pieces

Anyone who has relocated without professional removalists like Gold Coast company Cheap Moves knows how daunting moving can be, particularly when it comes to heavy furniture and appliances. Whether you are moving to a new home or into a storage unit, transporting your items can be a hard task. Even with the assistance of family members and friends, this is not really a job for the experienced. There is not only the risk for severe injuries but also the chance that you will damage your property when moving downstairs, through doorways, etc. Then, of course, there’s the chance that you will scratch, dent or break some of your valuable pieces. It is always advisable to leave the job to the professionals, but if you have no option but to do it yourself, you might find these tips for moving large furniture items quite useful.

1. Plan Ahead

You will want to know where everything will be placed ahead of time. This will make the move more organized and seamless.

2. Get Adequate Assistance

When moving heavy items, it is always advisable to ensure you have at least two people assisting you. If moving an item that weighs 300 pounds or more, ensures that at least three people are present.moving heavy furniture should be left to professional removalists: Cheap Moves

3. Avoid Dangerous Areas

You should never attempt to move heavy furniture pieces up and down stairs on through inclines by yourself. It is easy to lose control and hurt yourself.

4. Protect Doorways and Furniture

When moving large pieces, there is a good chance that you will bump into or scrap against a doorframe. You should consider using door jamb protectors for the doorways and moving blankets for the furniture.

5. Invest in Dollies

These are well worth the money as they make it easier to move those heavy furniture pieces and appliances.

6. Avoid Injury By Taking Precaution

When moving large items, you should always lift with your legs and not the back. Always bend at the knees rather than the waist and wear ideal clothing and closed toe shoes.

7. Lighten the Load

Consider removing any attached items or parts before moving furniture. If it is a couch, remove the cushions and if it’s a dresser or wardrobe, empty it.

8. Purchase Moving Straps

You can buy or even rent a number of professional moving straps. These will help you and those assisting you from getting hurt.

9. Sliders

Buy plastic sliders to put under furniture legs in order to easily slide a chair or table across hardwood floors and carpets. Sliders also work great with dressers.

10. Trying To Save Some Dollars Could End Up Costing You More

Investing in some sliders and recliners and even purchasing or renting a dolly might just save thousands in chiropractic and medical bills. It is never a good idea to skimp when it comes to moving large furniture pieces. Also, if you have any physical condition like back pain, doing it yourself is certainly a bad idea. Consider investing in professional movers or let your friends and family handle everything.

With these tips, you will be able to move your furniture without too much hassle, while avoiding potential injury and damages.